Use CasesGreater London Authority

Greater London Authority

Transforming the Greater London Authority Lighting infrastructure

Local authorities, as well as national and European institutions, are always on the lookout for ways to make cities cleaner, smarter, and more innovative. With a vision published in 2018, the Greater London Authority (10 million inhabitants) has declared that it wants to become the “smartest city in the world”.

Insight Signals developed the socio-economic impact model of intelligent lighting for this metro area. We built a digital replica of the over 500,000 lampposts scattered around Greater London and simulated the investment impact of a transition to smart lighting. The model is now available for several major European cities, as part of a European consortium of intelligent cities.

  • A view of their 500,000 lampposts across all 22 boroughs
  • An evaluation of the financial, economic and societal potential of over 15 innovative smart city applications
  • The cost, benefits, and Return on Investment of moving to a full smart lighting infrastructure within a seven-year horizon
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