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Issy les Moulineaux

Cloud continuum and digital twins

This research project is managed by the City of Issy les Mouleaux.
The project aims to analyze the automobile traffic around the Issy-Val de Seine district in order to propose improvements to make this highly economically active area more fluid.
The project will go through different stages. The first is the collection of data via those already available in open data provided by the City’s partners coupled with data collected on site by sensors installed during the project. Then, these data will be used by the technical partners of the C2JN project to simulate the traffic in the framework of a digital twin, a sort of duplicate of the neighborhood recreated on computer.

Insight Signals leverages its Mobility Digital Twin model to support the identification of was to improve traffic in the area.

  • From this project, recommendations will emerge to improve the general traffic flow of Issy-Val de Seine.
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