A User-centric Dynamic Mobility Digital Twin to reduce CO2

In 2021, AI4Cities, a consortium of the six European cities of Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Metropole du Grand Paris, Stavanger and Tallinn, selected INSIGHT SIGNALS to develop a User-centric Dynamic Mobility Digital Twin to reduce CO2 (MDT). A Prototype of the Metropole du Grand Paris (7 M inhabitants, 120 Municipalities) was built.

The Mobility Digital Twin inputs open, aggregated (non-private) data to create a synthetic replica of the population. It simulates users’ daily mobility through various means (car, public transportation, soft mobility) and calculates resulting CO2 emissions. Cities get access to detailed traffic patterns by user segments, can predict future mobility and test a variety of new projects and scenarios, without any need for private data.

  • Simulating city transportation patterns at micro and macro levels, integrating users’ behaviors
  • RGPD-compliant by design
  • Valuation of new projects’ CO2 reduction impact and monitoring of city progress towards carbon neutrality
  • Testing of impacts of new projects and policies to increase their scaling potential
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