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Mapping a regional start-up development process

The medium-term growth outlook of a region is correlated to entrepreneurship development. Any region or city economic development zone is poised to understand what the most influential factors are in the creation and survival of new businesses.

The project was sponsored by the Ile de France Region.  Using regional and new venture data, we were able to build a Digital Twin of the Ile de France Region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem that would include the process of start-up creation and growth to simulate and assess the impact of alternative regional policies.

  • A replica of a new venture development process at the scale of the region
  • Detailed attributes on the characteristics of new businesses and their scaling potential
  • Testing and evaluation of different policies, such as financial support schemes or incubator development
  • Conclusion: Rather than financial incentives, the most impactful factor is the development of networks of entrepreneurs who can bring their experience to start-ups
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